Policy Resources

The following resource links are intended for those visitors to my website who wish to gain more in-depth background information on some of the issues we face in the legislature. These links will direct you to select “policy areas” within the Kansas Legislative Research Department website. Once there, you will find access to an assortment of comprehensive background information on the particular policy issue.


This Policy Area covers primary and secondary school policy and finance issues within Kansas. It also includes some information on state universities, municipal university, community and technical colleges, and technical institution within Kansas.

Election and Ethics

Elections concerns a range of topics including voter registration and associated identity laws; security of the voting process and infrastructure; ranked choice voting; same day voter registration; and redistricting; while Ethics concerns campaign finance; lobbying; gift giving; and government transparency issues.

Health and Social Services

Covers health and social services issues and programs such as Medicaid, the tobacco settlement, and legalization of marijuana within Kansas.


The United States Constitution, the Kansas Constitution, and federal and state law require that the federal congressional districts be reapportioned every decade based on the data from the federal census.

State Budget

The State Budget Policy Area covers all topics related to state appropriations including financing and budgeting. This includes the appropriations process and aspects of the state budget cycle.


This covers topics related to state and local taxes and revenues within the state of Kansas. Included in this area is historical tax information, information relating to State General Fund Receipts, and Consensus Revenue Estimates.